About Us.

In the vibrant heart of Al Barsha, you will discover Cuisinerong Pinoy, a culinary haven formerly known as House of Flavors, established in 2018.

At Cuisinerong Pinoy, our culinary journey is a labor of love. We believe in crafting each dish with passion, delivering the true essence of various regions in the Philippines to the United Arab Emirates. Our kitchen is a testament to this commitment, comprised entirely of Filipinos who collaborate, innovate, and introduce new recipes tailored to the discerning tastes of the Filipino community in the UAE. What sets us apart is not just the deliciousness of our offerings but the soulful touch with which they are prepared. Every bite is a connection to the heart, a celebration of our heritage, and a rekindling of treasured moments.

“Step into Cuisinerong Pinoy, and you will find more than just a restaurant; it's a nostalgic escape to your hometown. Our cozy atmosphere, coupled with a menu that echoes the spirit of the Philippines, ensures that each visit is not just a meal but a journey into the soul of Filipino culture.”

We invite you to savor the flavors, feel the warmth, and create lasting memories with us. Because, at Cuisinerong Pinoy, we understand the importance of good food in crafting blissful experiences and flavor-filled memories that last a lifetime.